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 Reese_14 •   8 days ago •  20

💫 There are some changes and new features in Survival! 💫
This post will go over both of them!



The Casino feature is honestly huge!
There are 11 different games you can play. 😲
7 are singleplayer:
Roulette 🌀
Darts 🎯

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 Reese_14 •   16 days ago •  60

Survival Spawn

✨ Survival is now open and fully revamped! ✨
Everything from ranks, crates, and land claiming is brand new!
(There are a ton of new features as well!)


First of all, you can now win IRL MONEY just for playing on the server! 💸
Here are the details:

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 Reese_14 •   about 1 month ago •  87

💫 There have been some changes made to Skyblock. 💫
All of the recently made changes are listed and explained in this post.
Some are less noticeable, but there are also some new features! 😃



💰 Player Shops 💰
These shops work completely different from Towny!
The new Player Shops have a ton of cool features, and displays what you are selling wit...

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 Reese_14 •   2 months ago •  139

Skyblock Spawn

✨ Skyblock has finally been revamped! ✨
This season of Skyblock has a lot of new and amazing features!
(It's the most custom server we currently have 🤩)


First off, one of the biggest things this season is that you can win IRL MONEY for playing! 💸
Here's how this will work:

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