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IGN: Reese_14
about 1 month ago

❄️ It's holiday time in Reborn! ❄️
Join to claim presents from the Advent Calendar every day!
You can do /adventcalendar or /ac to open the Advent Calendar

Here is a list of just *some*  of the things you could get from the presents:
Platinum Crate Key
Tier 4 Money Pouch 💸
* BRAND NEW * Holiday-Themed Tag
Samurai Rank 🤯
Crate Keys Lootbag
Shuriken Gear 🤩
Villager Spawn Egg


For now, the Christmas Event is only on Survival.
If there is enough demand, Santa may visit other servers. 😉

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.
Have fun! 🤪

Server IP:

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