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IGN: Reese_14
3 months ago

💫 There have been some changes made to Skyblock. 💫
All of the recently made changes are listed and explained in this post.
Some are less noticeable, but there are also some new features! 😃



💰 Player Shops 💰
These shops work completely different from Towny!
The new Player Shops have a ton of cool features, and displays what you are selling with a hologram. 🤩
In the hologram, it also tells you how many are in stock, and the prices of the item.
You can obtain a Player Shop from an Epic Crate, or by doing /ds buy (amount) for $1,000,000 each.
Once placed, you will see a message in chat telling you what to do next.
After placing it, you can click on it to open the 'Shop Edit Menu'.
This GUI contains the following:
Balance Management - Add or remove money from the shop
Stock Management - Add or remove items from the shop's stock
Limits Management - Set the buy and sell limit of the shop
Shop Item Management - Change the item and its stack size
Prices Management - Change the buy and sell prices
Assistants Management - Add, remove, or view the assistants of the shop
Destroy Shop - Removes the shop, placing it back in your inventory

As a customer, when you click on a player's shop, it opens a GUI. 😮
You can buy or sell the shop's item, and you can change the buy/sell amount.

🔄 Trading System 🔄
Instead of meeting a player, dropping items, and risking them being removed, you can trade! 👏
To trade with someone, do /trade (player).
That will send the player an invite to trade with you.
If you receive a trade invite, you can click on 'Accept' or 'Deny' in chat.
You can also type /trade accept (player).

Once a trade has started, a GUI will be opened with your side and their side.
On top of each player's side will be a golden nugget.
You can click on the nugget to add 'coins', or money, to the trade. 💵
When both players are ready to trade, you can click on the red concrete to turn it green.
This will start the 3 second countdown.
If either player changes anything with the trade during the countdown, it will stop and have to be restarted.



There have been a few changes to existing features, and some new commands. ⚙️
Below is the list of changes and commands.
 When you do /ah it now opens up to a 'global' category showing all the items on auction
 You can do /b instead of /back now
 You can get a Mending book from /mc
 You can do /mc withdraw to withdraw your MobCoins
 There is a leaderboard for the Chat Races in chat: /cb leaderboard 📋

We are always open to suggestions for new features, or changes to features we already have!
If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.
Have fun! 🤪

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Last edited: about 1 month ago